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Interesting and Engaging!

I am very pleased with my my progress. I have gone through at least a dozen trainers in the past but this network has proved to be the best and most effective. My instructor thoroughly examines and modifies your routine’s exercises to keep it interesting and engaging. I highly recommend a session…

Mrs. S.

Looking forward to more!

I’m writing this after two weeks, but I’d highly recommend Luchiana Gataca so far. Luchiana is clear with instructions, knowledgeable and pushed me in a way that was effective. Looking forward to more sessions.

Rin O.

Workouts are perfect

My husband and I are looking to get fit, and we selected Branden Ellis to reach our goals. Initially, we wanted a joint session, but after our assessment, we realized that our goals were different, and it would be to our benefit to train separately. I train with Miriam Fried, and my workouts are perfect for me. I have been seeing her for nearly a month; 3 times a week. I already feel stronger, and I have lost close to an inch around my hips! She introduces a new workouts each session, and pushes me each session. My husband trains with Brandon Ellis, and he also likes training with him. We are both very happy, and excited with our results.

Rutendo Z.


Absolutely awesome! Some people are outstanding in what they do and working with such professionals are not only effective but also a lot of fun. Brandes Wellness is an effective platform to find just that. Our instructor pushed us to the limit (HIIT and functional training) but every session was fun and full of laughter and positive energy. Highly recommended!

Satadru S.

Wonderful experience

Professional and easy to work with, and provides outstanding workouts. Highly recommend.

Hermann F.

Great for me and my son

We requested a trainer who works well with kids to come to my building’s gym for a first session. Me and my 12 year-old son very much enjoyed the exercises and are looking forward to working out in the future.

Gustavo L.

The best!

Brandes is the best! workouts are intense but enjoyable

Mariana P.

Awesome so far – reasonable fees

My experience has been great. Always on time and keeps his client updated about his schedule. Brandes Pros know how to challenge a person’s limit and at the same time keep the training fun and enjoyable. I have worked with a few other trainers before, late to appointment, cancellation with short notice and even no show are always the biggest headache. My trainer I chose via Brandes is the best by far. His fee structure is also very reasonable for someone who travels to you to train you! Thank You!

Zi F

Supportive and Helpful

Had a fitness review and it was really helpful. My Instructor was really supportive and easy to work with.

Corey S.

Way more than expected!

My first personal trainer experience. Paid for 1hr but got something like 2.5hr (mainly because I’m slow on learning new body movements and Brandes helped me find a trainer who was extremely patient). Feel like it worth more than one month’s random training on my own!

Tianyi C.

Excellent trainers are on here!

My Trainer knew his stuff. He always came to the gym prepared and knew exactly the areas we were gonna work on. He always kept my goals in mind for our sessions and I am very happy with the outcome of our 3 months together. He doesn’t just make you do exercises, he also explains exactly what part of the body you are working on. I highly recommend seeking a pro from Brandes !

Aviva P.

Great gains for 2 months!

Gabriel and I worked together on strength building, slimming and working on a little self defense. He was an absolute pleasure to work with first and foremost, but also delivered results like no other trainer I worked with. I personally have dropped from pant size 32 to 29 at the moment, gained close to 8 pounds of muscle weight in the course of 2 months. He is not only a trainer but also a great friend that inspires you to better yourself.

Aram A.

Motivating and fun

Working out with Jason is motivating, educational, and fun! He keeps our sessions precise and focused, it is great that he is so goal oriented. He keeps me on track and we have great work outs

Carly M


Love Brandes’ services because they are very punctual, friendly and knowledgeable. Punctuality is very big for me. Definitely recommend pursuing your exercise needs here. I’ve had very flaky personal trainers in the past and it’s nice to find someone who takes it seriously.

Naira A.

Experienced and friendly

Pleasure working with a knowledge and friendly trainer

John G.

Good for physical therapy

James is the best trainer I’ve ever worked with. I came in as a complete beginner wanting to get into better shape, and I also had a shoulder injury. James worked with me to create a routine that worked perfectly for me. His physical therapy fixed my shoulder, and his personal training pushed me to surpass my workout goals. James takes as much time as needed to teach the ins and outs of training and to explain every aspect of our exercises. I continue to employ the insurmountable knowledge I gained from working with James!

Haseeb F.

A Real Trainer

I dropped 100 POUNDS while working with James. He helped me tremendously with my battle to improve my overall physical health, as well as my appearance. As a working actor, his guidance led to a complete transformation of my “type”, resulting in more bookings. Among the list of health benefits, I beat type 2 Diabetes, and an enlarged ventricle in my heart has self-corrected. He pushes you when you need it, but always considers your safety first and the limitations of your body at any particular time. He doesn’t use a cookie-cutter approach to training. He uses his education and insight to craft a program specifically for you, with constant adjustments as you progress towards your goals. I highly recommend working with him; the experience and results are money well spent.

Actor Vince

Great Workout

James is a great trainer I high reccomend using his services. He really knows his stuff. Well worth the money.

Erica Passarella

Good results

Brandes provided outstanding results. It is a pleasure to work with knowledgeable veteran trainers.