Training Sessions

Brandes Wellness helps you find trainers in your area who have the qualifications and specializations you’re looking for.

Absolutely! Just let your trainer know the group size when booking an appointment. Training in small groups can make personal training more affordable and fun.

You choose! Individual trainers will indicate what settings they can train you in.

Most sessions last for 45 minutes or 1 hour, however it’s up to the trainer and you what kind of session length you’d like to establish.

Training Sessions

Personal Trainers

One of the aspects customers love about Brandes Wellness is the ability to find trainers with unique specializations. In some cities you can find trainers who teach martial arts like Krav Mega or stress relief methods like Tai Chi.

The best way to learn what trainers teach is to review their profiles. If you don’t see a skill you’d like to learn, feel free to message local trainers to ask if they can help you.

We run background checks on all trainers. We also require trainers to send in verification of their certificates.

We recommend asking your medication provider whether it’s safe to undertake specific exercise regimens while using a medication.

A personal trainer helps you stay on track while achieving your fitness goals. A trainer can also make exercise safer and more enjoyable.

Learn about other benefit by reading Top 10 Benefits of Personal Training.

We ask trainers to never expect or anticipate tips.

Most trainers using Brandes Wellness are independent, single-person businesses working hard to bring you great results each day while also meeting the tax burdens and marketing costs associated with running their own business.

While you’re not expected to tip, if you’ve had a great session, your trainer will almost certainly appreciate a $5 tip.

Training Sessions


Did you know that it’s possible to spend $50/week at the grocery store and food prep for the entire week in less than 1 hour?

A nutritionist can help you save money, save time, eat healthier, and reach your body goals faster. So while some fitness coaches can advise you on nutrition, you can easily benefit from speaking to a nutrition specialist.

Yes! The best way to a healthy body is to take care of both your diet and your exercise. However, if you can’t do both right now, it’s better to at least do one.

A nutritionist will ask you about your dietary restrictions, fitness goals, and what foods you like. Then they’ll help you craft meal plans that suit your lifestyle.

Depending on the service you need, they might also be able to help you with grocery shopping and cooking.

Registered dietitians have passed formal tests in order to become registered with the Commission on Dietetic Registration.

You can learn more at Distinguishing Between Dietitian vs Nutritionist.

Most recommendations from your nutritionist will be supported by the FDA. However, a nutritionist will not always agree with the FDA. This can be a good thing, as the FDA has not always been right.

Your nutritionist should have facts and research to back up any recommendations they give you. Feel free to ask your nutritionist questions to learn the reasoning behind their advice.

Training Sessions

Cancellation Policy

Every package comes with an expiration date to keep you committed to achieving your goals. However, if needed, you can request more time at

You can request to cancel a session with your trainer. Please note that your trainer can establish settings that prevent cancellations beyond a certain day or time.

Training Sessions

My Account & Payments

Login to your profile at and choose Edit My Information.

Yes! We offer the following options:

  • 4 sessions for $340/month
  • 8 sessions for $640/month
  • 12 sessions for $924/month
  • 24 sessions for $1,728/month *Best Value*

All packages expire 6 weeks after the date of purchase, so be sure to take advantage of all of your training sessions once you buy them.

You can pay using any major debit card or credit card.

Yes, we securely save credit card information on your account for your convenience. This information in encrypted and your card details are never displayed onscreen except when you first type them in.

Your card will automatically be charged once you book an appointment with a trainer. If you subscribe for recurring sessions then your card will be charged every 4 weeks.

Absolutely! When you place an order, there is an option to gift your session or training package to a friend. You can also invite a friend to a joint session where you both participate.

Training Sessions

In-Home Training

Convenience, privacy, comfort, cleanliness… there are plenty of reasons you might enjoy in-home training sessions.

In fact, many clients have reported that they enjoy exercising but just didn’t like the hassle of “going to the gym.” That’s not a problem anymore!

Almost any living room will work. You just need a clear space that is about 8′ x 12′ or greater.

Your trainer will provide equipment for use during in-home training sessions. Your trainer can also advise you on equipment or training tools that can help you build your personal home gym.

Training Sessions

Fitness Workouts

It’s best to do both cardio and strength training in conjunction. Your trainer will work with you to develop a plan that’s right for you.

If your goal is to lose weight, cardio will help your burn calories faster.

For more information, visit Cardio vs Weight Lifting: Which Is Better for Weight Loss?

Start with workouts that you enjoy and that give you the results you want to see. Once you start having fun and seeing results, you’ll feel more motivated to stick with your exercise program.

Learn more: 15 Former Couch Potatoes Share Their Best Tips For Getting In Shape

If you’re just starting out, try taking one or two rest days in between sessions. This will give your body time to recover so that you’re ready for the next workout.

As you get more comfortable with exercise routines, you can advance to daily workouts or even twice daily workouts.

To learn more, read How Many Rest Days Do I Really Need?

Yes! Exercise releases endorphins, making you feel better. It’s also a great way to blow off steam.

Think you’re too stressed to exercise? Read What To Do When You’re Too Stressed To Exercise.

Start with walking, swimming, or lifting lighter weights.

Don’t limit yourself because of your age. You can progress toward more rigorous exercise. In fact, there are many octogenarian bodybuilders!

For more tips visit Precautions for the Elderly When Exercising.

Yes, soreness just means that your muscles are repairing and growing. You can facilitate this process by consuming protein with one hour after working out.

Get more information on soreness at: Why do I feel pain after exercise?

Remember the adage: No pain, no gain!

Training Sessions

Weight Loss

Some exercises are so powerful that you’ll start seeing results after just one workout!

These include kettlebell swings, deadlifts, resistance band bicep curls, and chinups. You can learn about more workouts like this in 20 Simple Exercises That Show Results After One Workout.

Your fitness trainer can walk you through how to do all of these and more.

If you utilize 71% – 83% of your maximum heart rate for 12 minutes or longer, you will burn calories for up to the next 36 hours! Understanding which training methods are incorporated with this is crucial for maximal results.

Try fat-burning exercises that target your core (stomach region). Check out the video How to Lose Belly Fat Easy.

For more good habits, read 13 Ways to Lose Stubborn Belly Fat For Good.

Simple pushups are one of the best ways to tone your arms. There are many other exercises you can do with a pair of dumbbells or barbell arm weights.

Check out this list of the 10 Best Home Exercises To Get Rid Of Flabby Arms.

Training Sessions

Strength Training

If you exercise daily, you should begin to see muscle growth within 3-4 weeks. If you exercise every other day, you should see muscle growth within 2-3 months.

To learn more about building muscle, read How long does it take to build muscle?

Machines can be easier to learn, but free weights allow you to more work muscles in less time. Both are useful, so most people use a combination at the gym. Your trainer can help you find a routine that works great for you. For more information on machines and free weights, check out Machines Or Free Weights: Structure Vs. Function!

Training Sessions


Most nutritionists agree that there are 12 foods you should always try to buy organic because of the high volume of pesticides that commercial farmers use.

These foods are called “the dirty dozen.” The list includes:

  1. Strawberries
  2. Spinach
  3. Nectarines
  4. Apples

To see the complete list, visit The Dirty Dozen: 12 Foods You Should Buy Organic.

Many studies show that dietary supplements can improve health. However, since the FDA does not determine whether supplements are safe and effective, it is best to consult your doctor before using one.

For more information, visit Dietary Supplements: What You Need to Know.

Going off your nutrition plan for a day or a meal can be a nice way to indulge in life or celebrate a special event. Just try to keep it under one cheat per month.

For more information on cheat days, visit:

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