We Make Personal Training Possible for Everyone

What have you been missing?

Brandes Wellness was founded by James Brandes in New York City to help more people succeed in their fitness goals.

For millions of people seeking to live healthier lives, there’s one key ingredient that is both expensive and difficult to find: quality personal training.

A trainer makes all the difference.

A good personal trainer teaches you, perfects your form, finds pathways to meet your goals, holds you accountable, helps you form good habits, stops you from wasting time, reminds you of your goals, supports you when you’re unmotivated, and often serves as your stress and emotional support.

Without a trainer, you’re alone… alone while trying to do one of the hardest things you’ve ever done—change your exercise and nutritional habits.

Establishing and maintaining new habits is not easy, especially when it involves work that is uncomfortable, like reducing foods you enjoy or committing to difficult exercises.

It’s no wonder that within months of setting fitness goals, 3 out of 4 people give up. Of these, most have given up many times before.

We are here to change this story.

For every person and budget, the right trainer is waiting.

Most gyms lead people to believe that there is one kind of personal training, and that it exists for one kind of person—an individual who can afford a 1-on-1 session at $50/session. If that’s you, we’ll help you find the best professional trainer in your area. But if that’s not you, we can still help you.

The Brandes Wellness platform reaches out to trainers of all kinds—not just established coaches, but also new trainers, recent college grads, online fitness programs and remote trainers.

All trainers are required to pass a background check and share proof of any claimed certifications. We provide tools and support to help trainers build their businesses and serve their clients. Beyond that, we let people who want to be trainers… become trainers!

We believe in diversity and know that many motivated people are capable of helping others achieve their fitness goals… in different ways and at different prices.

We put you in control.

As a client, at BrandesWellness.com, you’ll start by sharing what you need and want in a fitness coach.

You’ll get to specify your budget, needs, and interests, and you’ll decide whether you’d prefer 1-on-1 or group training. After you tell us about yourself, we’ll show you all of your best options in your area.

Our flexible approach puts you in charge of choosing the person who you believe can guide and motivate you on your fitness journey.

  • You can select a seasoned pro.
  • You can split costs with others and do group sessions at a fraction of the cost.
  • You can find a less experienced, but highly qualified coach who is extremely supportive and knowledgeable, but also more affordable.
  • Or you might find a terrific online program that involves personal check-ins and customization.

Brandes Wellness democratizes fitness with technology.

No other platform gives trainers and clients the same power of choice as Brandes Wellness while still maintaining safety. If you’ve been thinking about training others, try using our free Business Toolkit.

If you’ve been looking for the right path to commit and stay dedicated to your fitness goals, just answer 12 questions and we’ll match you with the best fitness coaches in your area.